A partial list

Clepsydrae   Chamber Orchestra

The Bicycle Couriers    One-act opera

Orbs and Quintiles    Solo Vibraphone and Orchestra

Libero    Chamber Orchestra

Heart of Spring    Choir and Piano

The Sun is Up   Choir

Diurnus    Choir and Piano

Three Poems by Mervyn Peake    Soprano and Instrumental Ensemble

Three Pieces    Wind Sextet

Cantiones Brevi   Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano

Lament    Four Sopranos and Piano

The Architect of Air    Four Sopranos and Piano

Trio    Clarinet, Viola and Cello

Epitaphs    Soprano, Flute, Vibraphone, Guitar and Bass

Just Before Dawn    Mezzo Soprano, Trumpet and Piano

Nightingale Relics    Mezzo Soprano, Flute and Vibraphone

From the Book of Nonsense    Violin, Clarinet and Vibraphone

Birds of Paradise   Flute and Harp

Transformation Métallique    Flute and Vibraphone

Four Vignettes    Flute and Vibraphone

Bagatelles    Piccolo and Glockenspiel

Gymel    Trumpet and Organ

Sturmvögel    Violin duo

The Vocabulary of Roses    Vibraphone

Six Etudes    Vibraphone

Argyrum  Glockenspiel

Intrada    Carillion

Five Epyllions    Flute

An Everywhere of Silver    Glockenspiel and Vibraphone (one player)

Breadths of Topaz    Vibraphone and Gongs (one player)

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