Martin Greet is a composer who lives in Melbourne, Australia.  His initial studies in composition were at La Trobe University with Allan Walker and Neil Kelly.  He then completed a PhD in composition at The University of Melbourne with Peter Tahourdin and Brenton Broadstock.

Greet’s compositions range from large-scale orchestral, operatic and choral works to pieces for small chamber ensemble or solo instrument.   He has composed for forces as diverse as The National Carillion in Canberra and the piccolo and glockenspiel duo of his Bagatelles.

A particular focus within Greet’s output is the vibraphone, the composer’s own instrument.  Many of Greet’s works feature virtuosic parts for vibraphone, either within an ensemble or solo.  One of his concerns as a composer is to increase this type of repertoire, providing classical vibraphonists with works that place their instrument in the musical foreground.

Greet’s song Just Before Dawn for mezzo soprano, trumpet and piano was one of the winning entries in ABC FM's Gallipoli Song Contest, held to mark the centenary of the landing of Allied troops at Gallipoli in 1915.

Greet has a passion for teaching music.  He has taught music theory and analysis for many years at The University of Melbourne, acting as lecturer, supervisor and tutor to innumerable students.  In addition to his PhD he also holds a Master of Music degree from The University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Flinders University and a Licentiate Performance Diploma from Trinity College, London.

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